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About Us

CJS is a medium-sized company certified according to DIN ISO 9001. We employ more than 90 staff members. Covering an area of 40,000 ㎡. Since 2004, we have been dealing with problem solutions and with the technological implementation in the field of precision tool manufacturings and plastics. The company's main business is injection mould and blow mould manufacturing of caps containers for foods & drinks , cosmetic , parmaceutical application, automotive, and electronics . With the concept of “Create value and pursuing excellence”. CJS will continue to keep close to customer cooperation, create value and contribute to the development of the industry.

Milestones Certificates Moldmaking


High-precision parts tolerance with an accuracy of ±0.001MM and an injection mold accuracy of ±0.01MM. The max.dimension for injection mould can be made to 1300 mm X 1300 mm X 900 mm, and the max. mold weight 9T. Including cold runner, hot runner molds, and specular injection mould without flow mark etc.

Standard first:  Attention to detail and standardization.
Training and working: provide induction training for employees to cultivate their sense of responsibility, good at collaboration and pursuit of work effectiveness.         
Achieve the "standard first, training management".

Establish the process and technology standard with specific category, full covered data information and unified data information, and realize the standardization of mold manufacturing process, process and process parameters. The pursuit of customer satisfaction, regard customer quality standards as ourselves.

The production process strictly follows project schedule, implemented board management two-shift operation.

Technical Support

CJS follow prevention-oriented philosophy before starting a new project. Special Review Team consists of Engineering department, Manufacturing department, Project Department, Quality Control Department and Purchasing Department adopts moldflow analysis, experience summary of similar projects and precaution potential problems of customers requirements, thereby to ensure the product quality effectively.